Nick Philip and Imaginary Foundation in RES Magazine

The new issue of RES features a profile of Nick Philip, the designer behind the delightful Imaginary Foundation line of surrealist t-shirts. (Previous BB posts about the Imaginary Foundation here, here, and here.) Rumor has it that the mysterious Director of the Imaginary Foundation has tasked Philip with designing a special limited edition Boing Boing / Imaginary Foundation double label t-shirt. More news as it unfolds. From the RES article (photo by Jessica Miller):

Those ideas Philip references in his designs come from the real-life Imaginary Foundation, a clandestine, eccentric assembly of academicians and philosophers begun in 1973 and led by a septuagenarian with doctorates in physics and philosophy who holds 25 worldwide patents and whose father conceived the Dada movement. While Dadaists embraced nihilism, Surrealists, though inspired in part by Dadaism, valued the ordinary and embraced Freud's theories about the strength of the unconscious. It's the latter that drives Imaginary Foundation's function. "They believe everything around us in culture and what we see [is] essentially one idea… so the power of the idea and imagination is the power behind all of culture," explains Philip. "There's an incredible potential for creating beauty and harmony with our own minds."

Link to RES article, Link to Imaginary Foundation