Earth-children vs. Space Robots: things get ugly.

Sometimes it comes by email. Sometimes, by encrypted IM. Sometimes, they spell it out for us in Alpha-Bits cereal. Despite the great risk involved, roboticized earth-children and their parents are sending word to BoingBoing about the ongoing struggle against mecha-overlords. And today, the news is not good: robots are using stuffed animals to lure our young into their steely claws. Snip from Minneapolis Star-Tribune story:

Devin Haskin isn't the first little boy to find the inside of a toy machine too enticing to resist. When the 3-year-old Austin, Minn., boy crawled through the discharge chute of a Toy Chest claw machine at a Godfather's Pizza in his hometown, he ended up on the other side of the glass surrounded by stuffed animals.

Link. (Thanks, Scott Van Zile).  Meanwhile, main screen turn on. We get signal from the moms and dads of kids forcibly assimilated into machine consciousness. Here are some testimonials with photographic evidence.

Image above: Tech writer and editor Dylan Tweney says, "Here's my daughter Clara, fully assimilated into the guise of the dancing robot from the Junior Senior video, "Move Your Feet". Link to more snapshots.

BoingBoing reader Matt Vaughn points to his robot child from Cupertino, and says,

"What makes this Robot Child extra nerdy is that my daughter came up with this costume after finding the packing foam from her Mac Mini in my office." Link.

John Firehammer of "This is Pop!" blog says, "Here's a pic of my 8-year-old son Max from last Halloween [Ed. Note: why is it that so many of the robot child-abductions seem to occur on this day?]. Check out the smashed calculator bits, dryer vent arms and wired-on spigot."

Stacy Springman says, "A few days before you posted the first robot kid pic, I had started making my son a robot costume. The snapshot here shows the first stage of robot construction; the pics you post on boingboing are giving me some great ideas for a superior robot — thank you. Time for a second generation robot, I suppose."

Without explaining why his daughter's name is "Mr. K," Gene Kaufman cries,

"Help!!!! The robots have enslaved my daughter, Mr. K!!!!!" Link.

And finally: garments with which to usher in the dark times. Claire says, "Can't Sleep, Robots Will Eat Me! A t-shirt designed in response to the horrific Child Eating Robots documented in recent BoingBoing posts."

Offered in "INFANT CREEPER." Oh, how cruelly apropos. Link
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Reader comment: Brian Cubbison says, "The Associated Press photographs an Israeli robot child at Purim: Link."

Reader comment: Rim Toemer says,

I read your latest account of robots luring children into their jaws with stuffed animals, and I thought you might want to know this has been happening for almost a year now!

Story: Toddler rescued from toy vending machine.