Moment of adversynergy zen: NASCAR-branded meat

To the long list of reasons why America is a totally awesome superpower, add this: NASCAR has launched a line of branded meat products. Hey, do they taste like gasoline, or crashed human flesh? Find out here. (Via autoblog, thanks Frank Boosman!)

Reader comment: Stella says,

I was walking around CompUSA today and noticed a Nascar branded laptop: Link. First they take a step into the meat industry and now into computer technology... What's next?

Duhhh, laptops made out of beef that go 200 miles an hour, that's what!

Reader comment: Stacy says,

How about some hearty NASCAR russet potatoes to go with your NASCAR meat? Link.

Reader comment: "j" says,

Here's a NASCAR chainsaw. Just two weeks ago i toured the factory where some of the components of this puppy are made. The other people on the tour all agreed with me that it seemed a bit, um, odd. Or like someone was really stretching a brand name. Frighteningly enough, we were informed that the product sold as fast as they could make them. It's an odd kind of synergy, in a way, i mean, i can really picture NASCAR fans buying and using the hell out of a chainsaw. Call me a generalist, but it's true.

Reader comment: Paul says,

How about a NASCAR "slow cooker" for all of the NASCAR labeled meat and potatoes you find? Link.

Reader comment: Brandon says,

Don't foget the NASCAR romance novels! Link.