Weak debut for ex-Disney chairman Eisner's talk show

In spite of his formidable star power, former Disney chairman Michael Eisner's new CNBC talk show did not attract the audience network execs hoped. Tuesday's debut of "Conversations with Michael Eisner" netted only 95,000 viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research. Link to Hollywood Reporter article.

I think he should have started a video blog, instead. I'd subscribe to his RSS feed. I think he'd have no trouble attracting many times more visitors in that medium.

Eisner interviewed former Imagineering head and Applied Minds cofounder Bran Ferren during Tuesday's debut — that's really interesting stuff, IMO. I might not stop my life to sit in front of a tv set at 6/9PM on a Tuesday night to watch the show every week, but I wouldn't miss a download. Link to Reuters article.

Also, CNBC effectively has no web presence. CNBC.com redirects to moneycentral.msn.com, which doesn't include any teaser content for network shows. I can't find any online promotion for Eisner's show (or others) anywhere, period. <shrugs>.. Okay, here's the recently-launched CNBC site — it's pretty thin, though. With such vast resources of financial data through MSN at their disposal, I don't understand why this isn't a lot more content-rich. Image: screengrab from video at MSNBC.com.