Mutant panda hybrid toys: Hanpanda

Remember that crazy viral clip from 2004, where the female aerobics instructor is surrounded by dancing poodles? The woman who created and starred in that video (which was titled "ex-Fat Girl") is Japanese artist Nagi Noda. She has a new book out, and a new project: HANPANDA, a line of acid-pop, half-panda, half-other-creature hybrid furries. If you're in Paris, you may want to swing by the Colete boutique for her in-store appearance (mit Hanpandas) on Monday, April 3rd. Link.

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Reader comment: John Morley says,

The Nagi Noda Hanpandas were also featured in the video for "Baby Blue" by the excellent Japanese girl pop/hip-hop band Halcali. Link.