What parts of the .COM space are registered?

This is a great roundup of how many of which sort of domain has been taken — every combination of up to three letters in .COM is taken and there're precious few four-character .COMs remaining. Most of these domains are "parked" and unused. The most popular domain-length is 11 characters, and there are 538 63-character domains registered, including DIDYOUKNOWTHATYOUCANONLYHAVESIXTY – THREECHARACTERSINADOMAIN – NAME.com. Also in the survey is data about how many of the names found in the US Census are taken (all the male names, all but a few of the female names and all 10,000 of the top surnames). The survey goes on and on, with data on how much of the "ILOVE_____.com" space is taken, which characters are most commonly found at the start of domain names, and so forth.


(via Waxy)