Xeni on KUOW Seattle radio: Exporting censorship

For tonight's edition of the KUOW-FM (Seattle, WA) program "The Works," I joined host John Moe for a discussion about internet filtering software at home and abroad. Snip from John's intro:
Most people agree that keeping adult-themed internet material away from kids is a good idea. But the efforts on the part of some technology companies to shield users from material deemed "obscene" have been less than perfect, even leading to charges of censorship. We explore the issues faced by the editors of the popular blog BoingBoing.net, who have been grappling with the issue in a very direct way.
The subject of censorware will be familiar territory for regular readers of this blog -- so if that doesn't float your boat, skip ahead to the segment that follows:
XXX Root Beer is a landmark in Issaquah, providing root beer served in frosty mugs and a feeling of having been transported back to the 50's. We meet the family that owns it.

John just told me by email that the proprietors are so hardcore, they will not allow root beer to leave the kitchen unless it's served in a frosty mug. Boy, that place sounds awesome.  

Link to "The Works" for April 4, 2006, and here's an audio stream link (.rm) that will work after about 9PM PT.

Reader comment: Dignan says,

Modest Mouse, from Issaquah, WA, talk about this diner in a song. It all makes sense now. "All Nite Diner," by Modest Mouse: "I was at an all night diner The sign said, 'Triple X.' But they were talking about root beer." Link.