Crazy NOLA mayoral candidate doctors Disneyland photo – again

A bizarre NOLA mayoral candidate has been caught doctoring photos of herself standing in Disneyland. For the second time.

Kimberly Williamson Butler is the crazy New Orleans mayoral candidate who got busted for using a campaign photo of herself standing in what appeared to be the French Quarter, but which was revealed to be the New Orleans Square at Disneyland. The telltale was that the Disneyland trash-can was visible in the picture.

So Butler's campaign has "fixed" the photo — they took out the trashcan, after getting threats from Disney's lawyers.


(Thanks, Travis!)

Update: Ste3ve sez,"J Man, a talented young member of the message board came up with a much better photoshop of Kimberly Williamson Butler's photo for her mayoral candidacy."

Update 2: Matt sez, "The website has been updated once again. Now the Disneyland photo is gone completely, replaced by something that looks like a campaign poster."