Cute pink tank cozy

Link. Crafted for a peace protest in Copenhagen. The fluffy pom-pom dangling from the end of the gun barrel is a thoughtful touch. (thanks, Gillian!)

Reader comment: Ike says, "This Little Dee comic from March '06 appears to be the inspiration: Link."

Reader comment: Thomas Shaddack says,

The earliest incarnation of the pink tank meme that's known to me is the art project from April 28, 1991, when a tank standing in Prague as a monument was painted bright pink. The author of the prank was David Cerny, a Czech artist. Link.

Army painted it back green between May 1 and May 2 the same year. A group of members of the Federal Assembly then painted it back pink at May 12, as a reminder that there is no art project that can not be politicized. The monument was later disassembled and the pink tank is now in a military museum in Lesany. Link.

In 2002, a similar tank was painted pink in London: Link.

Reader comment: Allen Knutson says,

Monty Python's Big Red Book describes the exploits of the Pink Panzer AKA the Naughty Nazi. I forget if he drives a pink tank.

Reader comment:Jon Power says,

I used to live in Croydon, a horrible borough of Sarf London mate (South London). There was a builder who caught the second biggest marlin, had it stuffed, shipped back to Croydon and stuck on the roof of his house. But the Council told him to take it down because he didn't have planning permission to put a stuffed marlin on his roof. So to show his distress at the Council's decision, he would drive a pink tank around the Council offces in the centre of town. Around and around and around. It was only a small tank, but it was very pink. He built up a procession of his firm's lorries including one with an enormous pig, which no doubt represented the planning officers he was in dispute with. This went on for months, much to the pleasure of his staff, who got paid to annoy everyone. Every few days, at lunch time, the pink tank and pig procession would begin and go around and around. Happy days. Sadly, I have no photos and I cannot find one online. Perhaps other readers in Croydon can find one?