Gun safety vid: Jason 90210 Priestley + cartoon eagle

dwlfennell says,

I found an educational video entitled "Learn Gun Safety with Eddie Eagle" a few days ago at Goodwill. The video was produced by the NRA in 1992 with "Beverly Hills, 90210" heartthrob Jason Priestley as host. The animated cast includes a group a multi-racial youngsters lucky enough to actually find something interesting in their parents' closets and an anthropomorphic bald eagle who "raps" to the children about what they should do if they find a firearm.

Link. Features people and anthropomorphic eagles talking on oldschool brick cellphones.

Reader comment: brad says,

The Bay Area magazine The Wave used to run reviews of strange videos written by a guy named 'seanbaby'. This link goes to seanbaby's review of the Jason Priestly/Eddie the Eagle video (from the May 2003 issue of the magazine).

And that "a guy" would be!