Chernobyl, 20 years later: map of historic nuclear accidents

A Google Map with markers and short descriptions on sites where major nuclear accidents have occurred throughout history. Link (Thanks, Laurent)

Reader comment: John says,

I like this use of google maps, especially since there's a debate in ireland right now about building a nuclear reactor, but Laurent hasn't checked his facts. An exclusion zone of 4000 sq km around Chernobyl would mean I couldn't sit here in Dublin to point out the error.

Reader comment: Xopl sez,

4000 square miles does NOT mean 4000 miles in every direction. It means
it is the square root of 4000 per side. It CAN be 4000 square miles of
exclusion around Chernobyl and he CAN be sitting in Dublin.

Reader comment: Thomas Cowart says,

Reader John is incorrect. 4000 sq km is a square that is about 63.25 km (or about 40 miles) on each side. Since the exclusion area is probably circular, this is a radius of about 35 kilometers (22 miles) around the area. Dublin isn't _that_ close to Chernobyl.