Nancy Reagan antidrug vid with Whitney "crackiswack" Houston

Kitsch-culture ephemera collector Ethan Persoff points us to a..

Long-lost 1980's Nancy Reagan anti-drug music video,
The only music video to ever be sponsored by the White
House. Barely aired even when it was new we have found
and digitized a broadcast master for you to download
and keep.

Featuring noted abstainers: New Edition, LaToya
Jackson, Whitney Houston, David Hasselhoff, Arnold
Schwarzenegger, Tootie from the Facts of Life, the
Goodyear Blimp, Casey Kasem (!) and many others

Starring Boogaloo Shrimp from the Breakin' movies –
no, we're not making this up. BEWARE – this is poison. I personally gave up drugs
sixteen times in a row after watching this. I
overdosed on refusal.

Link to downloadable Quicktime link and lyrics. Link to more information, along with where a copy was found and what they took in trade.

Reader comment: Jesse McCann says,

Note the Nancy Regan Anti-Drug Music Video was produced and directed by Barbour and Langley, the gents who went on to create COPS.

Reader comment: rdeaguiar says,

Beyond Whitney Houston, video also includes Stacy Keach (convicted of cocaine smuggling, 1984), Lyle Alzado (steroid user who died of brain cancer he attributed to his steroid use) and John Matuszak (NFL player who died of heart failure at 38).

Reader comment: Tom says,

The "Stop the Madness" video Xeni posted reminded me of the mashup where Nancy and Ronald Reagan proclaim, among other things:

* Tonight I can report to you that Vice President Bush smokes marijuana regularly.

* Our goal is to expand drug trafficking at all levels of government and in the private sector.

* And there's one more thing… Nancy and I are hooked on heroin.

Links to the video and shortened audio version are here.

Reader comment: Factwino sez

The credits list Tim Reid as a writer for Stop the Madness. Some of you may remember him from his role as Venus Flytrap on WKRP in Cincinnati.