Star Spanglish Banner, the 1919 edition

Link to a scanned copy of sheet music for "La Bandera de las Estrellas," 1919, from the Library of Congress.

Unlike the more recent remake causing such a ruckus, this one did not put Lou Dobbs' britches in a bunch. Of course, Mr. Dobbs hadn't been born yet.

On NPR's "Mixed Signals" blog, Mara Liason writes,

"[I]n fact, the U.S. government appears to be promoting a number of foreign language versions of the national anthem. The State Department Web site posts four Spanish versions and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says she's heard rap, country and classical versions. On CBS' Face the Nation (PDF transcript), she says the 'individualization of the American national anthem is quite under way.'

"But Condi, the president wants the anthem sung in English! Talk about mixed signals."

Blogger Brad DeLong writes,

"…in his book American Dynasty, Kevin Phillips notes that during Bush's first presidential campaign, he would often sing the national anthem in Spanish. From pg. 142: 'When visiting cities like Chicago, Milwaukee, or Philadelphia, in pivotal states, he would drop in at Hispanic festivals and parties, sometimes joining in singing 'The Star-Spangled Banner' in Spanish, sometimes partying with a 'Viva Bush' mariachi band flown in from Texas.'"

Wonder if anyone out in internet-land has authentic video or audio substantiating this? (thanks, turbanhead and cyrus)

Reader comment:

ttrentham says,

Think Progress has photos and quotes about [Latin pop music star] Jon Secada singing it in Spanish during Bush's presidential inauguration ceremonies: Link

The Think Progress post also points to a White House press release, hosted at, which states the same.

Reader comment: Alexander Frix says,

The Star Spangled Banner was translated into German in 1861: Link

Yiddish in 1947: Link

French in 1999 by American Cajuns: Link.

Navajo in 1988: Link

And most recently, into Samoan this year: Link