Spelling out Camus's "Myth of Sisyphus" in cookies

Kiyash points us to "Jane McGonigal's real-world application of cookie/biscuit text/edible graffiti called 'cookie rolling,' in which she attempts to write the entire Myth of Sisyphus, one word at a time, in cookies, in public places around the world."

the artist will spell out Camus' existential essay "The Myth of Sisyphus" in cookies, one word at a time. each word will be installed in a public location and constructed from a different kind of cookie, locally-purchased or prepared. each word of the essay, 1406 in total, will appear in a different city. the project will continue indefinitely until the improbable event of its completion.

the temporary cookie installations will be documented through digital photography and video. The photos will be added to the Flickr database and the videos posted to the artist's website.


(Thanks, Kiyash!)