This Spartan Life machinima show on Network Neutrality

This Spartan Life — a talk-show set in the video-game Halo — has a new episode up, about Network Neutrality. This Spartan Life is genius, a videoblog on a public shoot-em-up server where the host and guests are periodically interrupted by marauding players with plasma grenades.

This episode is really more of a public service announcement about Network Neutrality, a witty look at how a non-neutral network would be very bad for innovative publishers like This Spartan Life.

At issue is whether phone and cable-companies should be allowed to charge Internet sites for the privilege of sending packets to "their" customers — whether your ISP should be able to charge Yahoo! for delivering its video and search-results to you faster than the results and videos on Google. Letting the telcos do this would be disastrous for innovation, competition and democracy, but I remain puzzled about how to solve it. I'd love to see some concrete proposals for sensible regulations or other solutions that will prevent the Bells from hijacking the net without asking the FCC to have to figure out the best way to manage your firewall.


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(Thanks, Chris!)