Ask a Ninja tackles Net Neutrality

The uproariously funny net-video serial "Ask a Ninja" tackles net neutrality in this week's segment. Net neutrality is the idea that the net works best when ISPs deliver every Internet site's traffic without discrimination, rather than, say, charging Yahoo to deliver its search results faster and more reliably than Google's. At stake is whether new services can be developed and thrive if the big, evil, stupid phone companies get to stick toll-booths on the network and give preference to the highest bidders. The Ninja's explanation is a lot weirder — as Brent puts it, "Apparently the internet service providers want to put up a wall to stop us from watching the girl from Hot Dog On A Stick make lemonade and instead wants us to watch Robin Williams' cousin make bacon juice. "


(Thanks, Brent the Closet Geek!)

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