Slow motion video festival

The SLOMO Video festival, curated by Webzine conference co-conspirator Ryan Junell, is a collection of 100 one-minute videos that have only one thing in common: they're all in slow motion. What a fun idea! The videos play Saturday night (followed by a slowdance) at Lobot Gallery in Oakland and in mid-June at SONAR Cinema in Barcelona, or you can order a DVD compilation for just $8. From the SLOMO Video description:

This unique compilation of cinematic slowness will pull the audience through a molasses-tinged warp of catastrophic visual and audio beauty.

Stop and smell the roses! Leap into that k-hole! Feel spellbound by your own navel! Celebrate a savory moment… its the human way! Remember when you were a kid and you could stare at ants crawling around for hours, or just space out and look at the ceiling or the patterns on the floor? SLOMO VIDEO is a recreation of that meditative place in the present. It is a video experience that isn't afraid to put a 78 record on at 33 1/3rd and kick back in a beanbag to ponder the mysteries of space and time.

Link to SloMo Video Festival site, Link to a few sample videos (via Laughing Squid)