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Scott Sigler is the author of three novels combining science fiction and
horror. I recently read his terrific first novel, EarthCore, about a
platinum mining expedition in Utah that goes horribly awry when the
mining party bumps into an ancient race of violent creatures that live
in an immense underground network of caves three miles below the
surface of the earth.

Earthcore was slated to be publsihed in 2001 by a division of Time Warner, but as Scott explains in this interview, the publishing deal fell apart due to circumstances beyond his control.

So, as an experiment, Scott started podcasting the novel, one chapter
at a time. It's likely he was the first author to podcast a novel. And
the experiment was a success — 10,000 people listened to the
EarthCore podcast. This led to a publishing deal, and EarthCore is now
available as a print book. You can buy it on Amazon, or on Scott's

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Here's my interview with Scott: Link

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Reader comment:

Jack Mangan says:

Very nice interview with Scott Sigler! Earthcore is truly fantastic. To clarify: his book was the first *podcast-only* novel. Morevi, by Tee Morris, was the first podcast novel. I've interviewed them both on my "Jack Mangan's Deadpan Podcast." [Sigler, Morris]

I was also one of the first to follow in their footsteps at (which Scott mentioned), with my own podcast novel, "Spherical Tomi."