Joi Ito remembers Timothy Leary

To mark the tenth anniversary of Timothy Leary's death, Joi Ito has posted a long remembrance of his relationship with the man — physchedelic guru and cyber-enthusiast. Joi was Leary's godson and the executor of his estate.

In LA, I spent a lot of time with Tim working on a book and producing a TV show in Japan called "The New Breed" based on our conversations. He enlisted me as a "God Son" which he has been known to do from time to time to people he considered family. I continued to meet people through Tim. Tim's house was always open to anyone and was a crossroads where Hollywood stars, hippies, technologists, academics, artists and just about any other kind of person you could imagine would come and hang out and enjoy his hospitality and share thoughts. I miss Tim very much and I miss the network of people he helped bring and keep together. I am still in touch with many of the people from those days but it's obviously not the same without him. However, I believe his influence and legacy lives on and every day I say my favorite words of his: "Question Authority and Think for Yourself." That is the motto that I live by.


Update: Joi sez, "I wasn't the executor of the estate. And on that note, his archives are still available for sale and no one has purchased them… if I had more money I would buy them. :-("