Caped pizza deliverator foils purse-snatcher

Cloudscout sez, "I used to order from a place called Galactic Pizza when I lived in downtown Minneapolis. They're a quirky little pizza joint that delivers their pizzas in electric cars. They also dress as superheroes. Yes, the underwear-pervert, caped-crusader kind. Apparently, it's not just a costume. One of these spandex-clad deliverators foiled a robbery attempt in Minneapolis last night."

A strange man grabbed for Teresa's purse…they struggled. The man eventually got the purse and took off.

What followed had Teresa doing a double-take–In a flash, someone was giving chase to the robber.

"He had on a white tunic, a beige leotard, and tights and boots," Teresa explained. The man was also wearing a cape.


(Thanks, Cloudscout!)

Update: David sends in this mirror of the video