Arf Museum: excellent comic history

Arf MuseumCraig Yoe's second Arf publication (first one here), Arf Museum just came out, and it's an immensely giddy, scholary, funny, shocking, and enjoyable history of comics and art seen through the eccentric and eclectic filter of Yoe's fevered, comics-crazed mind.

Yoe was the creative director of Jim Henson's Muppets and a creative director at Nickeodeon and I doubt there's anyone who knows more about cool old comics and who has a better collection of comic book art.

Some of the artists and characters in this issue include Art Spiegelman, Picasso, Patrick McDonnell, Bettie Page, Charles Addams, Coop, Dan DeCarlo, Hugh Hefner, Rube Goldberg, King Kong, Ernie Bushmiller, and Chester Gould.

Like those early, giant-sized issues of RAW, Arf Museum is something I'm going to keep, treasure, and pull off the shelf to pore over for the rest of my life. Link