Dope smuggled in Home Depot vanities

Last week, a contractor bought a bathroom vanity at a Massachusetts Home Depot and discovered two 50-pound "bricks" of grass inside. Elsewhere in the state, a plumber purchased a similar product at an unnamed "hardware store" and opened it to find 40 pounds of weed plus 3 kilograms of cocaine. Police and DEA officials have swept a dozen Home Depots in the state and found other loaded vanities.
From CNN:

In each incident being investigated by Tewksbury Police, all of the merchandise boxes originated from a Texas location and were distributed through one Massachusetts warehouse, Peterson said.

"I'm sure the packages were being shipped to the distribution center and someone was supposed to intercept them," Peterson said. "So that person [who was supposed to intercept the packages] either wasn't on duty that day or the packages were marked wrong."