Helix: a new free sf magazine

Helix is a new, free, donation-supported science fiction magazine edited by two well-known sf writers, William Sanders and Lawrence Watt-Evans. The magazine has some top-notch fiction in it (I liked the story by folk-legend-turned writer Janis Ian), and it's all free to read. They solicit your donations to pay the writers -- a trend that we see in other free sf magazines, like The Infinite Matrix, Futurismic, and Strange Horizons (Baen's Universe actually charges money upfront, but it's the same general principle). I love short science fiction, and it works great on the web and on small devices. The explosion of new-business-model short sf is encouraging too -- these variegated attempts to figure out a viable business model for short fiction are looking into new avenues, some of which will surely bear fruit.


(Thanks, Daniel!)