Travel tip: don't make "I'm a terrorist!" your cellphone ringtone

Not so sure how reliable this is, but China Daily reports that a teen girl from Singapore was stopped by Guangzhou airport security guards "when they heard a voice shouting, 'I am a terrorist.'" Turned out to be her mobile ringtone talking, the item says. Link (Thanks, Cameron)

Reader comment: Gareth says,

for anyone interested, i'm pretty sure the ringtone in question is a track called "The Terrorist" by DJ Vadim (as the chorus goes "I am a terrorist! terrorist! terrorist! terrorist!"). Plucky!

Reader comment: B10M says,

Not knowing DJ Vadim, I'd went looking for a ringtone sample, and
found these two at

* The Terrorist (clip 1)

* The Terrorist (clip 2)

The beat seems to be more eminent than the "I am a terrorist" voice.
Besides, wouldn't a terrorist try to be a little less obvious before
boarding the plane than to announce him/herself to the public like
this? ;-)