Rally for Bamboo the elephant in Seattle this Friday


Kirsten says: This Friday 4:30-6:30 is the rally for Bamboo the elephant (this is during the zoo's big fundraiser-that's why the time is strange) at the North entrance of the Woodland Park Zoo… Lately there's been a flurry of press about the shameful saga of Bamboo, how she arrived at the Woodland park Zoo in 1968 as a baby, spent her whole life there in one acre of land, and was unceremoniously tossed out last year when she showed signs of neurotic behavior and aggression to the baby elephant also in the acre enclosure with her and two more Asian elephants and an African elephant. At this time, the award winning Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, a 2200 acre facility that has phenomenal successes with often formerly abused ex-zoo and circus elephants, offered to take Bamboo on their own dime, providing her with care and loving attention for the rest of her life. The WPZ said no.

In the meantime Bamboo got shipped off the the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, where she was expected to suddenly bond with two other elephants (also in one crummy little acre). Despite zoo administration saying everything was going great, Bamboo had to be returned to the WPZ because of mounting stress induced behavioral problems. So now this once happy, clever creature has her future hanging in the balance — to be shipped around, unwanted by her home, forced to endure night chaining and forced isolation from other elephants, rather than being allowed to go to the Sanctuary, where she will never be hit, never be punished, never be chained, free to roam over 2200 acres with a whole herd of elephants.

To keep her from this opportunity is wrong, and it's shameful. So while the city sits on its hands or their fingers jammed in their ears, it's up to the public to make a stink about it. We feel a HUGE rally could really and truly help tip the scales in Bamboo's favor. So please come. Half an hour of standing around eating free donuts at the rally could actually make a big difference! Bring the kids. Bring everyone.

If our zoo really wants to practice compassionate conservation they would allow Bamboo to go live out the end of her days at the Sanctuary. To do so would make them heros. To not would make them villains in the eyes of the public.

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