Blogs of this year's Clarion sf writers' workshop students

Alex Wilson, a student at the legendary Clarion science fiction writers' workshop, has posted a roundup of the blogs of this year's Clarion and Clarion West workshops, who are currently at week five of their six-week programs. Clarion is an intensive, boot-camp style workshop, taught by leading professionals, with an excellent track-record of graduating talented, successful writers like Dale Bailey, Octavia Butler, Ben Rosenbaum, Bruce Sterling, Lucius Sheppard and many others. Since the early 90s, many attendees have published running journals or blogs of their Clarion experiences (I did this on the GEnie online service when I attended in 1992).

I was privileged to teach Clarion last year, and to be invited to join the Board of the nonprofit, charitable Clarion Foundation, which oversees the administration of Clarion. This year's instructor lineup includes Samuel Delany, Michael Swanwick, Nancy Kress, Joe and Gay Haldeman (pictured left), Holly Black, Kelly Link, Tobias Buckell and Jim Hines.

Reading Clarion journals is a great way to get a flavor of the workshop and a peek inside the extraordinary learning process that takes place there.

Link to Clarion East journals, Link to Clarion West journals

(Thanks, Alex!)