Trove of Bob Ross videos on YouTube

The late Bob Ross was a joyful oil painting instructor who appeared on PBS. I wish I could have met him and hung out with him!

Coop says:

Bob Ross, our savior This show always seemed to be playing on the local PBS affiliate when I was a kid. It's oddly hypnotic. The quiet tone and gentle cadence of Bob's voice, the rhythmic whakkity-wak of the brush on the easel, that giant palette, and most of all, the 'fro.

Sweet Fancy Moses, what a 'fro. It's something to which all great artists should aspire, I think.


Reader comment:

Jim Rosenberg says:

Bob Ross Lives – in a Virginia office park. As a freelance reporter for Marketplace in 2003, I profiled Bob Ross Inc., which is housed in an office park near Dulles Airport, outside Washington. "Most people don't know Bob is dead," says one of the owners.

Page link for the broadcast.

Listen to the full piece (it's damn funny).