Astronauts reveal BoingBoing 150% larger than reported by WSJ

The Wall Street Journal kindly mentioned BoingBoing in a roundup of new media "who's who" today, and ran this photo of Cory and me (alternate reg-free image link). Here's the accompanying article by John Jurgensen, "Moguls of New Media" (reg-free link)

But using cellular, modular, interactivogular surveillance cameras with supersonic laserphonic wingding plugins, astronauts on the International Space Station shot an aerial photo which looks shockingly identical… and reveals a whopping 60% 150% more humans in BoingBoing. Image Link.

From left to right, BoingBoing is Mark, Pesco, "band manager" Battelle, Cory, and me. And truth be told, Bart Nagel took the photo right here on earth.

Correction: BoingBoing reader Weeble says,

Your recent Boing Boing post, "Astronauts reveal BoingBoing 60% larger
than reported by WSJ" uses "% larger" in a slightly confusing way.
While 2 is 60% *smaller* than 5, 5 is not 60% larger than 2. It is in
fact 150% larger than 2. This is a common mistake, and discussed in
the Wikipedia article on Percentages [Link]. In general, when describing a
percentage change in something, the percentage should be as a
proportion of the initial figure, not the final one.

Correct headlines might be
"Astronauts reveal BoingBoing 150% larger than reported by WSJ" or
"Astronauts reveal 60% of BoingBoing missing from WSJ report."

Reader comment: A number of you observed that 80% of us wear nerdy retro specs. Jaye Sunsurn says, "Xeni has to get a set of dark rimmed glasses because she looks out of place in the picture. Everyone else has 'em, why not her?"

Alright, but only if the other 80% agree to wear high heels.