Wire-puppet circus documentary

Sailor Martin sez, "Someone has uploaded Carlos Vilardebo's 1961 documentary of mobile-maker Alexander Calder's intricate, ingenious wire puppet circus. The flying trapeezes actually fly, the lion poops, and the belly dancer gyrates lasciviously in the mind-blowing film that shows that, had Calder not become famous as an artist, he might have been equally famous as a puppeteer. In four parts."

Part 1,

Part 2,

Part 3,

Part 4
(Thanks, Sailor Martin!)

Update: Kelly sez, "For those lucky enough to be able to get to the Whitney museum in N.Y., Calder's circus is on display through September 3rd. Besides the circus display they are also playing the videos that are linked to in the main story. Ingenious stuff!"

Update 2: Dutch sez, "I originally posted the videos as part of a huge post on Calder's toy designs for my parenting blog, Sweet Juniper.