Copycamp: Toronto un-conference about copyright and art

Misha sez,

CopyCamp is an event about art, copyright, and the Net taking place here in Toronto in the last three days of September. We're bringing together people from various worlds- around half will be artists, and the other half will be a mix of Free Software and Open Source advocates, government people, lawyers, journalist, academics, activists, and anyone else we think might contribute to a lively and useful conversation. The event draws heavily on emergent, participatory "unconference" models – lots of self-organizing, lots of conversation and cross-pollination between groups. We're using ideas from Foo
, Bar Camp, Penguin
and my own Trampoline Hall
Lecture Series
, as well as including a couple of more conventional conference

For people who want to come: you can get into the event either by buying a ticket (recommended for suits) or applying to have your spot paid for (recommended for artists and other "creators"). We're trying to get the best participants we can, and we plan on giving away a lot of free spots to people who we really want there, especially people who are excited about contributing to the event.

For details, to register, or to apply for one of the free spots, see:


(Thanks, Misha!)