Mystery Beast: Loren Coleman pays his respects

Yesterday, Mark posted about the mystery creature found dead in Turner, Maine. Since then, my cryptozoologist pal Loren Coleman traveled to Turner and examined what was left of the creature. His visit was documented in a Sun Journal article, reprinted on Cryptomundo with a few additional comments from Loren. (Illustration contributed to Cryptomundo by Mike Lemos, more info here.) From the article:

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"The skull is gone. The haunches and all the internal organs, too. The only fleshy parts left are the paws," said (Coleman). "It's got some extra claws that I find interesting.

"They're sticking up like the horns of a devil. I'll be looking into that."

Coleman was the only expert on the scene Wednesday as the controversy over the unidentified animal reached levels bordering on hysteria.

His early opinion: That the beast was possibly a chow, a breed of dog, that had turned feral.