DHS runs anti-cyber-hippie wargame

The Department of Homeland Security recently ran a cyber-wargame in which the US defended itself against an adversary consisting of anti-war groups, labor activists, vegans — but not Al Quaeda.

At the top of the pyramid is the Worldwide
Anti-Globalization Alliance, which sets things off
by calling for cyber sit-ins and denial-of-service
attacks against U.S. interests. WAGA's radical
arm, the villainous Black Hood Society, ratchets
up the tension on day one by probing SCADA
computerized control systems and military
networks, eventually (spoiler warning) claiming
responsibility for a commuter rail outage and the
heat going out in government buildings.

The Black Hoods are a faction of Freedom Not
Bombs, whose name is suspiciously similar to the
real Food Not Bombs,[1] which provides vegan meals to
the homeless.

Another allied lefty-group called the Peoples Pact
joins in, crashing portions of the power grid.
Things get confusing when the "Tricky Trio," three
evil hax0rs who are 50 percent more devious than
the Deceptive Duo,[2] hacks the FAA, issues false
Amber Alerts, and manipulates the communications
system of the U.S. Northern Command.

Then someone posts the No-Fly List to a public
website (third act shocker: it's all nuns and
Massachusetts Democrats), and opportunistic cyber
thieves raid a medical database looking for
identity theft targets. Logic bombs explode,
wireless communications devices are corrupted, DNS
caches are poisoned.