I'm bringing bark sexy!

That's what Justin Timberlake might say if he were responsible for these suggestive images from nature. But he's not. I'm not sure who shot them, but they're blogged with Japanese text by someone named Hiro. Here's what Hiro says, in babelfish botglish:

"Sexy which can be made natural it is photograph collection of the thing.
It makes good."

Link (Thanks, Seth Abramovitch)

Update: Looks like the blogger I pointed to earlier ripped 'em off from another site, which in turn collected them from various places around the 'net. Bloggers get awful sensitive about this stuff. Quang Pham says,

I'm chief editor of haha.nu. I've just received
from our reader, that boingboing.net has posted the 'Nature is
sexy.' It is
originally started on haha.nu and you can check both the original post
date and the comments + more pictures.

Conor says,

At least one of those pics is
probably Poser'd and Photoshop'd — there is apparent texture mapping
stretch marks on the figure's hips…and the branches sort of grow from
nowhere (as the figure was simply pasted into and over a tree image) — etc.

Too bad it's a phony!

Jason Coyne says,

At least two of the images are from Worth1000: Link, and I know the other tree/nymph image is also a Worth1000 entry, but I have been unable to find it in my search. However, here is another large collection of items in a similar vein, (with some repeats from your original post) that have some images I think are real. The crossed legs picture appears to come from this guy: Link.

Oh who cares I just want to look at dirty pictures of trees!

Reader comment: Quinn Norton says:

No mention of such things so go without Edward Weston's famous Pepper No.
30, which I studied in college photography as a demonstration of light,
perception and composition. It's genuine, and for my thinking, sexier than
the rest: Link.