Cray computer for sale in San Francisco

My pal and former BB guestblogger Steve Steinberg (AKA Legion of Doomer "Frank Drake") is selling a magnificent Cray Y-MP EL98 shell with some of the internal components. He'll take the best offer over $400 from someone who has the wherewithal to pick this monstrous beast up on Friday. Email your bid here. From Steve's Craigslist ad:

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This is your chance to own a (very heavy) piece of supercomputing history. The EL98 was Cray's "low-cost" — mid six figures — line extension to the very successful Y-MP. The exact provence of this unit is unknown. (I purchased it four years ago from an Arizona warehouse; the manager of which *thought* that the Cray came from Lawrence Livermore. But given the repeated memory lapses he suffered from in casual conversation, I don't put a lot of stock in this recollection.)

This supercomputer does not currently work. While it has plenty of internal wiring, power supplies, interconnects, and the like, it is missing some key subsystems. However, the exterior is in good shape, with the great big red power-on button on top, finger flip switches for the different "capacitor banks", and just some fairly minor cosmetic blemishes. Included with the Cray is a new, custom, museum-quality display stand…