Mark Warner's Second Life appearance – transcript

Wagner James Au, fresh from Governor Mark Warner's appearance in the online world Second Life, sends us this: "A lightly edited transcript of Governor Warner's whistle stop appearance in Second Life is up now, a brief but wide-ranging interview on some of the important issues of the day, conveyed through the Governor's avatar to an audience of some 50 SL residents– including Senator Ted Steven's version of the Internet, in avatar form."

MW: Next week, I hope to lay out some immediate steps we can take to better protect our homeland and ensure that the resources we spent get real results…

Taking Nap [from the audience]: Governor, do you favor fixed timetable in Iraq? Over here!

HA: Save audience questions for the next event with the Governor, please!

MW: … But I also think the fifth anniversary of 9-11 serves as an opportunity to challenge Americans to remember that sense of civic engagement we all felt in the aftermath of that tragic day. As I've said elsewhere, the fact that the President didn't call upon that spirit to take on some of the major issues, from our energy crisis to restoring America's stature in the world, was a missed opportunity.

(Thanks, James!)