Tracks of Russian mystery creature

A hunter came across 30 of these footprints, each 31 centimeters long, in the village of Shogorka in Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia. (The 007 film GoldenEye opens at a dam near Arkhagelsk.) The toes seem to have claws, or, um, really long toenails.
From the REGNUM News Agency:

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According to director of the Northern branch of the All-Russian research institute of hunting economy and fur farming Vladimir Korepanov, some of the footsteps belong to a bear, and some of them remind those of Primates and Ursidae simultaneously. Local residents have already made molds of the footprints.

Link to REGNUM article in Russian with photos , Link to REGNUM article in English

From Loren Coleman's post at Cryptomundo:

What kind of animal belongs to these footprints? In general, tracks with these kinds of "claw-marks" indicate a bear ("Ursidae" in the Russian article) versus a primate. But these imprints look strange, having a length and shape similar to that of a human but with extremely triangular clawmarks (unknown in primates). These new tracks could be created fakes, of course. No known or previously found Yeti footprint tracks match these. What do these mystery footprints from Arkhangelsk look like to you?