Anti-RIAA lawyers answer Slashdot's questions

Two attorneys who represent American citizens who are being sued by the record industry have conducted a public interview with the Slashdot community — the questions and answers are fascinating and lively, as is the discussion that follows:

9) Evidence?
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by eldavojohn

I hear a lot that the RIAA has the weakest evidence ever in these cases. Such as screen shots of dynamic IP addresses – – taken from Kazaa. How the hell do judges across this country uphold these cases with such lack of concrete evidence? I mean, give me five minutes in photoshop and I'll make you a "screenshot" of Kazaa with's IP address listed over and over on it. Can't an expert witness cause this evidence to be thrown out quickly?


I've tried, eldavojohn, I've tried. Look at our court papers in Motown v. Does 1-149. The judge didn't want to hear a word I was saying. You are absolutely correct that the entire underpinning of each case is a joke. An astute judge would laugh them out of court, as the Netherlands and Canadian courts have done.