HOWTO knit a pair of Converse All-Stars

A Crafster community member made a pair of Converse shoes and sewed them onto a set of Converse soles whose uppers had worn away. After sewing on the Chuck Taylor All-Star ankle patches, the outcome was a dementedly fabulous pair of frankentennies.

I knit a pair of converse shoes. I'd had this idea for aaages, but just recently conned someone into giving me an old pair. I cut off all the fabric, save for about a 1/4 inch along all the edges, and knit pieces to sew in place. They didn't take a very long time to make- the hardest part was sewing everything together. Ugh! I think the effort was worth it, and they're actually really strong. I played a game of baseball in them the other day, and they've held up just fine!


(Thanks, Aija!)