Web Zen: pirate zen (with David Byrne bonus)

talk like a pirate day

british hq

pirate executions

cannon game

draw the pirate

you are a pirate

pirate clubhouse

five things…

another cannon game



yo ho ho! pirate zen 2005

yo ho ho! pirate zen 2004

yo ho ho! pirate zen 2003

plus for a limited time… David Byrne's "Pirates." (this will disappear on 09.20.06)

Image: The Jobby Roger, an excellent sticker for pirates who use Macs. If you attach one to yours, your computer will look like this, and you will look like this.

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Reader comment:

Aija says,

Here is a pattern for pirate arrrrr!gyle handknit socks (pic link, pdf chart)

Paul Saunders says,

As you may know, International Talk like a Pirate Day is coming up on September 19. In honor of this important holiday, LoadingReadyRun has created a vintage classroom film reel to instruct the less nautically inclined among us in proper pirate speech. Video link.

Bill Newcomb says,

The movie that Paul Saunders linked to gets one thing dead wrong:
'avast' has a specific meaning, viz. to cease, stop, or stay. Thus,
the phrase "Avast, ye scurvy dogs" means something a lot more like
"Nobody move, nobody get hurt" than "What up, homes". Perhaps this
will be the year that we can avast the misuse of 'avast'.