Dozens of new undersea species discovered off Indonesia

Researchers from Conservation International discovered dozens of new species in the water off Indonesia's Papua province. This epaulette shark (Hemiscyillum freycineti) walks around the bottom of the sea on its fins. From the Associated Press:

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The team from U.S.-based Conservation International also warned that the area–known as Bird's Head Seascape–is under danger from fishermen who use dynamite and cyanide to net their catches and called on Indonesia's government to do more to protect it…

"Above and below water, it's simply mind blowing," (said Mark Erdmann of Conservation International.)

Erdmann and his team claim to have discovered 52 new species, including 24 new species of fish, 20 new species of coral and eight new species of shrimp. Among the highlights were an epaulette shark that walks on its fins, a praying mantis-like shrimp and scores of reef-building corals, he said.


UPDATE: Fark's headline about this story and the shark that walks on its fins had me in stitches: "Knock. Knock. 'Who is it?'"

UPDATE: Over at Cryptomundo, Loren Coleman reminds us that the Mark Erdmann was also co-discoverer of the Indonesian coelacanth in 1998. Link