American Airlines bans in-flight kissing

A gay couple flying from Paris to JFK on American Airlines were told by the crew and purser that they weren't allowed to touch or kiss each other. When they questioned this, the captain came out of the cockpit and threatened to divert the plane. American Airlines says this was all according to procedure, because kissing of any kind isn't allowed on AA flights.

Shortly after takeoff, Varnier nodded off, leaning his head on Tsikhiseli. A stewardess came over to their row. "The purser wants you to stop that," she said.

"I opened my eyes and was, like, 'Stop what?' " Varnier recalled the other day.

"The touching and the kissing," the stewardess said, before walking away.

Tsikhiseli and Varnier were taken aback. "He would rest his head on my shoulder or the other way around. We'd kiss–not kiss kiss, just mwah," Tsikhiseli recalled, making a smacking sound.


(Thanks, Doran!)