Phreaky Boys: audio of phreaker exploits from 1990

BoingBoing reader Dave says,

When I was a dumb teenager, I spent a lot of time dabbling in the phreaker culture of the late 80s / early 90s. During that time, I made audio recordings of compromised voice mail box systems that were commandeered by phone hackers. The hackers would replace the original box greetings with more interesting content such as calling card / credit card numbers, underground BBS numbers, hacking tips, and other goodies.

These recordings languished on crappy, hissy old analog tapes until a few years ago when I decided to digitize them for posterity onto my home computer. There they languished still, until the other day when I decided to contact Jason Scott (of and fame) for his advice on how to get the files out for posterity. He very generously offered his support of hosting and cataloging the audio files here: Link.

He has begun adding interesting descriptions for the files in this directory: Link.

I've released the files in the interest of preserving a little bit of hacker culture history. I was motivated to do this because I have not yet had any luck finding any similar audio files out there.