Robert Anton Wilson update

Yesterday I wrote about writer Robert Anton Wilson's unfortunate situation (the short story: he has no money, has a few months left to live, and was facing eviction from his apartment). So many kind people gave generously that it looks like Bob is going to be able to live out his final days peacefully.

From Denis, who is managing Bob's care:

200610021323 Just went to your boing boing site. Wowie Zowie Batman! What an amazing job you're doing with everything.

Anyway, this morning Bob's daughter showed up at his house in tears because she had checked his PayPal account and found money for next month's rent plus more. Bob called me to say that he couldn't believe people would care so much about him and as we talked (which isn't easy for him at this point) he was overcome with emotion more than once. He is so touched and RELIEVED at the possibility of staying in his home. He kept repeating to me his deep felt appreciation and disbelief that people would care so much about him. What a humble and sweet man.

I know many of you donated more money than you could afford, but you did it because you knew how much of a difference this would make for him. Thank you so much for helping him.