John Varley selling his toy robot collection

Monty sez, "John Varley, one of the most original science fiction authors ever, is selling his collection of '18+ U-Haul Boxes' worth of toy robots on e-bay. This link takes you to a page on his excellent website (Varley reviews movies and books like nobody's business)that explains the sale and links to the relevant ebay pages and pictures of the toy robots. Any robot once owned by Varley is 50 times better than an ordinary robot!!"

No single writer has done more to change the way I think about science fiction than John Varley — and now that his classic short stories (the very best of his work) are all available in one volume, you can have your head done in by a master without having to haunt the used book stores looking for out-of-print collections.


(Thanks, Monty!)

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