Video testimony of vote machine whistleblower

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Here's video of Clint Curtis, a former programmer for Yang Enterprises (YEI) in Florida, testifying under oath that Representative Tom Feeney asked him to write a voting machine program to rig elections. Feeney is Republican Congressman who was the Speaker of the House of Florida at the time, as well as a lobbyist for Yang Enterprises, and Yang Enterprises' corporate attorney. (Feeney was also named one of the "20 Most Corrupt Members of Congress" by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington).

In the video, Curtis testifies that Feeney asked him to write a program for touchscreen voting machines that could undetectably "flip the vote 51-49 to whoever you wanted it to go to and whichever race you wanted to win."

Yang claims that Curtis' allegations are untrue, and Tom Feeney denies ever meeting Curtis. But in 2005, Curtis was given a polygraph test.

The test was given by Tim Robinson, the retired chief polygraph operator and 20-year veteran of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. The test did not detect any attempt at deception on the part of Curtis in any of his responses. Curtis has stated that the test was based on all the allegations in the affidavit that was provided to Conyers' Voting Forum.

Now, Curtis — who was a lifelong Repulican, has swtiched parties and is running for US Congress against Feeney.


Reader comment:

John says:

Interesting post, but polygraphs are dubious at best for evidence.
There's a Boing Boing post by Cory from 2003 on that very topic.

The site mentioned there,, is still around, BTW.

If there's other evidence about to corrobrate his story, though, it would
be interesting to see.