Audio CD of answering machine recordings picked up in thrift stores

 Eavesdrop Collecting-Ad Jacob Smigel's "Eavesdrop: A Wealth of Found Sound is a collection of anonymous recordings found at thrift stores, yard sales, and in trash bins over the past four years. These unaltered tracks come from audio or micro-cassettes, 8-Tracks and home-recorded records. Many of the clips are segments from audio diaries, tape-letters, the sound of road trips, fights, crying, family moments, telephone conversations/messages, or the amusements of children or the mentally handicapped."

It costs $10 for the CD.

Here are some samples:

Hamburger Hamlet Two LA socialites tell all regarding a restaurant chain called Hamburger Hamlet.

Trailer Couple An old man forces conversation while learning to use a tape deck. He has no idea the way his conversation interacts with the music he is recording over.

BETA Video An awkward conversation, with pleasant pop culture references.

Link (Thanks, Julian!)