Ceci n'est pas un fake boarding pass

Following on the rapidly-evolving saga of Christopher "Fake Boarding Pass Generator Website" Soghoian, BB reader Jason Eppink scrawls the legally dubious item you see above (full-size) and says:

Here's a fake boarding pass for Continental Airlines. Let me be clear in stating that I in no way endorse using the use of this boarding pass to attempt to bypass TSA security screening, or to commit fraud.

Link, mirror. About the name: Link.

Now hey, if someone feels moved to whip up a PHP script to generate these babies on the fly, everything will be totally set.

Don't forget to put out the midnight welcome mat by the door when you're done.


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Reader comment: collapsibletank whipped up the image above and says, "You'll need a generator for Search Warrants, too. I only wish I was able to code a site for these things."

And voilá! BB reader Matt, a former U.S. Marine now working in Afghanistan as a civilian contractor — and a True American Hero — says:

I felt inspired by all the recent hullabaloo about the fake boarding passes to create this Fake Warrant Generator Website.

You can enter whatever specifics you want to tailor the warrant to your specific judicial needs. I feel really bad about it, but in the end I pussed-out and added "FAKE" in the background. Sorry :( I am, after all, only a few hundred feet away from the infamous Bagram Prison and I don't need to be disappeared!

All warrants generated are stored on the server with an index so everyone can see the warrants generated by everyone else. It does display your IP, so if you're afraid of that, don't generate any.