Richard Dawkins has a posse

BoingBoing reader Misha says,

In response to your news of Richard Dawkins being in South Park, I felt the need to make a RICHARD HAS A POSSE image in the same vein as other notable figures. I think I picked the right license for this so others can copy it and do with it as they please.

As a side note, I saw the episode in question and the makers of South Park have FINALLY managed to piss me off, portraying my non-spiritual leader in the fashion that they did.


Reader comment: Mike Estee says,

I just finished ready Mr. Dawkins new book, "The God Delusion" and absolutely loved it. A few days later I was over at a friends house and saw the South Park episode that finally managed to piss you off. For a brief millisecond my liberal knee-jerk reflex kicked in, and I too felt what it must be like for all those christians, muslims, and jews who watch South Park scribble all over their beautiful faith with a box of badly colored crayons.

Then I got over it and laughed my ass off. I love South Park because it never pulls punches. Someone else's sacred cow always tastes better than your own, but I still found it hilarious :)

funtax says,

The Richard Dawkins Posse grows ever-stronger! Now with more references to "The God Delusion." Link.