Faesthetic #6, new issue of Dustin "UPSO" Hostetler's magazine

My friend Dustin Hostetler, also known as UPSO, is an amazing illustrator whose work you might recognize from MAKE:, the Webby Awards, Threadless, Coachella, and a variety of vinyl toys. For five years now, Dustin has also published an excellent zine/book hybrid (zook?) called Faesthetic. It's a limited edition perfect-bound 200-page publication packed with original black and white art, photography, illustration, and graffiti with dozens of artists represented in each issue. (No articles, just art.) The last issue, #5, opened with several mind-blowing pages taken from Tim Biskup's sketchbook. Dustin just sent me the latest issue, #6, and every time I flip through it, I end up picking a new favorite page. Faesthetic #6, with a cover designed by Friends With You, sells for $24. Five hundred "collectors edition" copies of this issue, themed "LOVE & DEATH," are also available directly from Faesthetic.com with each one containing a bonus assortment of offset printed posters, stickers, and a mini-comic by Jonkers.

#6 features 94 artists and is 100% ad free! (in order of appearance):
 Press Faesthetic6Cover
Derek Ballard, Aye Jay, Michael Sieben, royalremarkableTM, Maya Hayuk, Michelle Blade, A Purdy, Brad Askew, hellovon, Matthew Peinado, Mansi Shah, Clayton Rochemont, Alexis Mackenzie, Hello Brute, NoPattern, Katy Horan, Maria Forde, Heiko, Jim Koch, Kelsey Brookes, Jason Wasserman, Reynaldo Vasquez, Chrissie Abbott, Blair Kelly, Abe Lincoln Jr. vs Outbreak, Aaron Winters, Peskimo, Steven Harrington, Robin Cameron, James Braithwaite, Ytje Veenstra, Ryan Riss, Mike Deye, Biff Baxter, James Hill, Irana Douer, Jens Andersson, Damien Correll, Andrea Campbell, Product HK, Howie Tsui, Kristy Milliken, Jaimie Reed, Matt Curry vs. eThos, Jonathan A. Murphy, Andy Rementer, Salvatore Schiciano, SteakMtn, Tiny Industries, Jason Brunson, Devious, Arran Ridley, Jennifer Garcia, Johannes Ekholm, Anke Weckmann, DopePope, M.J. Holland, saru.org, Scott Barry, Toby Neilan, Warren Heise, David Trumpf, Junichi Tsuneoka, Tomson Jenker, Ryan Santos, Matthew Robinson, Darin Bendall, Christopher Sleboda, Adam Garcia, Jeremyville, Josh Hassin, Jason Polan, Hiro Kurata, LaChienne, Zach Johnsen, Matthew Robinson, Ric Stultz, Gliese vs. Matthew Barnes, Colin Henderson, Will Ainley, Kim Scafuro, Prateā„¢ Computer Channel, Randy Laybourne, Office Supplies Inc., Superblast, Niall McClelland, Matthew Chapman, Martin Vallin, UPSO, Myron Macklin & Mike Giant.