Robert Gates' history in Iran-Contra affair

Eric Silva was one of a number of BoingBoing readers who pointed us to documents about the Iran-Contra affair involvement of Robert Gates, who has been chosen to replace outgoing Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Robert M. Gates has his own chapter in the official Iran-Contra affair court documents by independent counsel Lawrence E. Walsh. This is by far the best description of his involvement in the Iran-Contra affair I've read: Link.

And this is a New York Times editorial from 1991 on Robert Gates: Link to "The Once and Future C.I.A."

Reader comment: Charles Lai says,

As much as Gates' links to Iran-Contra might taint his background, I think it's the best change we could ask for at the moment with George Bush in power. Have your read the Slate article on Gates yet? Link. Rumsfeld was so bad in so many ways. Gates as a replacement will lead to more sensible decisions regarding our nation's defense and Iraq.

Ian says,

While Gates might be very competent, when you learn more about the Contras (Wikipedia page: Link) you have to wonder about the ethics of anyone involved with Iran-Contra. Anyone who is concerned about the disregard Rumsfeld has shown for justice and human rights in Iraq can probably expect more of the same from Gates, though maybe as a more competent leader he'll be more careful that only our proxies in the Middle East do the torturing on our behalf.

Bill says,

I'm not exactly sure about the Iran-Contra affair, but I am a student a Texas A&M University, and he's done an amazing job for the few years that we've had him as President of the University. He will be missed, but if his work here is any sign, I certainly think he will do a great job in his new position.